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Sacramento, CA

(916) 599-9290

Design and Construction


Inspired by you. Built to inspire. I view my work as a living thing, built for a lifetime of use and inherited by the next generation. My singular goal is to build the best possible furniture I can to your unique specifications and needs. No compromise is ever made in its quality.

My designs are inspired  by the traditional, timeless concepts found in Shaker, Mission and other styles. I feel these archetypes embody the simplicity of functional art, leaving one to admire the natural beauty and depth of the wood used in their construction and only with a closer look, the hidden intricacies involved.

Pinned mortise and tenons, dovetails and other hand-joinery can be found throughout my work. Joints are carefully cleaned and prepared with a variety of chisels and hand planes for a tight fit. After gluing, these joints are virtually indestructible, as history can attest to.

These pieces are made from 100% solid woods. Seasonal wood movement is a constant consideration beginning with the design of the piece itself, continuing through the lumber selection and dictating the tolerances and methods used in the construction. Large flat surfaces like table tops often include breadboard ends. While decorative, this feature, along with a full finish on both sides, prohibits cupping or warping of the top while allowing it to expand and contract with changing humidity. Tops are mounted by a sliding bracket and groove system that further accommodates this. Drawer bottoms and other panels are free-floating and are fitted with room to expand, preventing future splits or buckling.

Large, flat surfaces (especially in the case of table tops) are planed by hand, continually checked for thickness and refined. Then, they are prepared along with the rest of the piece, for a proprietary finishing process that saturates the wood with natural oils, enriching its inherent beauty, while providing a resilient and beautiful surface for decades to come.