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Sacramento, CA

(916) 599-9290

How to buy it / Terms and Conditions

Some items shown on my website are available for immediate shipment and they are indicated as such in the description on their gallery page. This means the specific example pictured, can simply be purchased on my shopping page with any major credit card and I'll ship it the next day.

Most pieces are "standard items," meaning that the piece will be built to order as pictured (with standard options available) but is subject to a lead time which may vary depending on the item and what orders were made prior to yours. Lead time is typically 1 - 2 months but if it is projected to be more then you will be notified via a personal email or by phone. I have included a page where you can view wood samples if you are unfamiliar with some of them. Then, the standard options available for that piece (such as wood species and drawer configuration) can be chosen on the shopping page and the total price will be calculated accordingly. This is the easiest way to purchase from me. However, if you are not comfortable making large purchases over the internet, or if for any other reason you would like an alternative, you can follow the procedures described below that are normally reserved for a custom order. Also, if you live within 150 miles of Sacramento, you can bypass the online payment system and therefore shipping costs, by contacting me personally, as for a custom order (below). I will deliver the item directly to you.

Please be aware that, although standard pieces in my collection are built exactly as they are shown in their gallery, natural variations in lumber color and grain pattern will be apparent.  

Custom Orders

If you wish to make changes to a standard item in terms of size, by requesting specialty woods, or other customizations that are not normally offered, then we have to talk. I can also build completely custom pieces from sketches, plans, pictures or descriptions. Begin by contacting me here. Go to the envelope icon at the top right of the screen. Leave a short message, an email address and phone number. I will call you shortly. You can also email me at or call me personally at (916) 599-9290. We can discuss your project in detail and you will receive a price quote.

For a custom order, I require an initial deposit of 50% of the price quoted before tax and/or shipping, to purchase materials and schedule your build.  During the building process, you will receive vivid, concise, well-lit photographs of its progress for your approval. Questions or concerns should be addressed at that time. Upon completion and after a final approval, the balance due, plus tax and/or shipping fees will be requested prior to shipping. For custom orders at this time, I can only accept checks or money orders by mail because my online payment system is unable to accommodate this arrangement. My address can be provided at our point of initial contact.

Reclaimed Pieces

Items built from reclaimed materials are one of a kind in that the materials used typically were only available for that piece and may no longer be. Often there are old screw and nail holes, staining from old hardware and other blemishes that I feel add a special character to that piece and tell a story of its origins. This is usually impossible to duplicate. However, if you see a reclaimed piece on my website that you like and that has sold, it can be reproduced from another wood of your choice. The same purchasing procedure would apply here as for custom orders (See above). If I still have the piece, it will be available of course, in my Shop for immediate purchase by credit card.


The items currently shown on my website can all be shipped through UPS or USPS. These are the least expensive methods I have found and in both cases they are fully insured. However it requires that I crate and pack the item myself before shipping to ensure adequate support and protection. Shipping costs include a fee to cover this expense. You are welcome to investigate other shipping options. If you are close to Sacramento, I may deliver the item personally or you can pick it up yourself. 


I will not ship an item that has defects. In the case of custom orders, your approval of the piece from photographs and personal communication with me, constitutes an acknowledgement that you are satisfied with it. However, if an issue with any item arises within a one year period of time, due to acclimation in different climates for instance, or you discover an issue that wasn't apparent in the photo documentation, please contact me to discuss return and repair options.

In the unfortunate event of damage or loss during shipping, a complete refund, including shipping will be provided.

Care and Maintenance

Under normal conditions, if well cared for, this furniture will outlast you and me.  However, It should not be placed in areas of extreme, prolonged sunlight or heat, such as over or next to a floor or wall furnace. Likewise, avoid areas where it may come in contact with excessive or prolonged moisture and avoid setting drinks or food directly on table tops. When moved, please remove drawers or other removable components to reduce the risk of them opening or falling out unexpectedly. If vacuuming or sweeping around furniture, avoid running into it, causing scratches or dents. Periodic cleaning can be done lightly with a very soft cloth, slightly damp if needed. Do not use scrub pads, stiff dry rags, abrasives, chemicals or household cleaners to clean the furniture as this could result in damage to the finish. I cannot be held accountable for problems resulting from abuse or neglect in the ways described here.